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01 Jun 2006   May competition winners!
  The 1st prize PEAK WiFi camera was won by Janet Powers (Glasgow, UK) more...

26 May 2006   MEM '06
  Primarily aimed at TV, music/video and games, it was a hectic but enjoyable 2 days at MEM'06 confirming that 'User generated content' was the hot topic on everyone's lips. Plus, it was no surprise to us that mobile advertising and the virtues of 'cross platform' applications were big on the agenda too. With so much hype about streaming content to mobiles, we pride ourselves that Phonewebcam remains the affordable "layman's app" with mass market appeal that works happily on GPRS, 3G and WiFi. Not to mention putting the user's broadband to good use too!

24 May 2006   Mobile Entertainment Market
Catch us at the Mobile Entertainment Market, London, and use your free 4 week promotion code on the Send to phone page!

01 May 2006   April competition winners!
  The 1st prize PEAK WiFi camera was won by James Franklin (Hatfield, UK) more...

10 Jan 2006   Phonewebam Publisher now supports WiFi/IP cameras
  Phonewebcam Publisher 1.5 has been released with support for WiFi/IP cameras. Several models are supported directly and there's a generic one to cover all the basic functions if yours isn't listed. The cool thing about this is Phonewebcam now doesn't need to be running on a PC in the same premises as the camera - its been designed so the controlling PC can be anywhere on the net! You specify the feed in a new panel in the Options dialog. The FAQ has been updated. more...

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