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Phonewebcam news

09 Dec 2005   Phonewebcam Explorer 2.0 released
  This is a significant upgrade which users of previous verions are encouraged to use. Features include a tree import/export, real-time image processing, zoom, add/update Phonewebcam Directory cameras and many usability enhancements.

01 Oct 2005   Happy 5th Birthday to us!
  Yes it's true: 5 years ago, our clunky timed FTP service made it to the web serving grainy WBMP WAP images to any phone you wanted as long as it was a Nokia 7110 or an Ericsson R380 ;-) How times have changed! We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped us over the years create a piece of internet history. Who can forget the joy in March 2001 when Dr Quentin Stafford-Fraser allowed us to relay the first ever webcam on the net, the famous AT&T coffee pot (sadly no longer with us). Wonder what kind of coffee it was? Hic! Here's to the next 5...

23 May 2005   Phonewebcam advertising programme launched
  The breakthrough Phonewebcam advertising programme is launched. Advertisers can place adverts in the Phonewebcam Explorer which takes the user to the page of choice in another browser instance, so the Phonewebcam Explorer session remains undisturbed. more...

09 Jan 2005   Nursery pioneers Phonewebcam in the Thames Valley
  Families Online: "Happitots Montessori Nursery (07986 817483) opened in Woodley last September, taking children from two to school age, and will soon have something no other nursery in the country can offer. The nursery is working with www.phonewebcam.com to pioneer a new technology..." more...

01 Aug 2004   Phonewebcam forums open
  The forums are now open to discuss the new PC based Phonewebcam modules. Users of the FTP WAP system will not be affected, but are encouraged to try the PC Suite, create an account and discuss anything of interest - we think you'll find it a much better system then the one you are currently using. There's also a hot link directly into the Phonewebcam Explorer from the 'Webcams' forum, so any URLs posted there are available in its 'News' panel! more...

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