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Account format  

The Phonewebcam Account format

  For extra security, we designed the system to have one account per handset, meaning your account number is also your unique mobile phone number. However, because Phonewebcam is global, it's not enough to use your local number - it has to be in international format. If you enter your phone number without your country code or in the wrong format, then it's not possible for us to send the Viewer to your handset.

Look up Country dialcodes

Here's an example of how you enter your number. Say you are in the UK, which has an international dialling prefix of 44. If your phone number locally is 0123-456-7890, you need to drop the first "0" from it and put the UK country code in front. You shouldn't enter a plus sign or 00 before the country code, or use hypens and spaces. So in this case the number you would use is 441234567890.

The correct format is your country code without the + sign or 00, then your local mobile phone number without the leading 0.

Correct examples:

UK (0044) 07879 123456 = 447879123456

UK 07919-123-456 = 447919123456

Incorrect examples:

00441234567899 (no leading zeros "00" allowed)

+441234567899 (no + plus sign allowed)

44 1234 567899 (no spaces allowed)

4401234567899 (no local zero "0" allowed)

01234567899 (missing country code)

44-1234-567899 (no hyphens "-" allowed)


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