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Phonewebcam offers a totally unique marketing opportunity.

The software runs on PCs and mobile handsets, and both offer compulsory user focus on your copy with minimal disruption to the user experience. The applications by their nature require the user's full attention, and therefore your brand retention potential is far higher than less focused media channels.

This unique presentation method offers the possibility of co-ordinated, cross-media advertising campaigns. The delivery of your copy is logged with an accuracy that has to be seen to be believed, plus we offer powerful data mining tools to analyse the output. Unlike traditional broad based channels, metrics covering the quantity of copy delivered can be monitored with a 100% precision in real time.

Advertisers get their own login id and a dedicated area on the website in which they can upload their own content, analyse delivery usage and control their scheduling requests.

Rates are competitive and structured in a similar way to most internet advertising providers. For more information, please complete the following:


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Operating since Oct 2000, Phonewebcam™ is the first commercial webcam to mobile phone service on the internet.
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