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   Phonewebcam handset compatibility
Phonewebcam will work on over 400 different models of mobile phones, from 32 manufacturers, on both PAYG and contract. But there are a few exceptions. To find out for sure if your phone can run Phonewebcam, you should:

•   Check that your network is compatible
     •   Confirm that your phone can run java software

•   Ensure that your phone is configured with the correct internet settings.

•   Run the free Phonewebcam Compatibility test

There are sometimes problems with mobile operators not running compatible networks. Main culprits currently are 3 in the UK who operate a closed-shop policy known as 'garden walling', and O2 PAYG who don't always allow full http access and instead restrict phones to the more limitied WAP-only access. It's unfortunate but there's not much we can do about this, so have a word with your operator!

Java phones
To run Phonewebcam on your handset, it must support java midlets - specifically MIDP 1.0 or later. If you don't know whether your phone has java, a good test is if it can download java games.

Generally, most phones released in the last couple of years will be fine. If in doubt, ask your dealer or use an internet search engine for your handset's specifications.

Internet settings
Like many Java applications, Phonewebcam requires http internet connection to securely download webcam images to your phone.

Phonewebcam Compatibility test
We recommend that you use our free Phonewebcam Compatibility test on your handset to first check that your phone is able to run java applications like Phonewebcam. To do this, you'll need to download it to your handset manually. This is done differently on different phones, but generally they all involve you entering a special URL/address into your phone's browser. Look for an option similar to "Go to Address" or "Enter URL", then enter http://test.phonewebcam.com. When it connects, the download starts automatically.




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