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Downloads: Phonewebcam PC software

  These windows programs are completely free - you only pay when you view webcams on your mobile using the Phonewebcam Viewer.

Phonewebcam Explorer
3.5   05-Jan-2009   9.0 Mb
View thousands of webcams on your PC! Our in-built starter set gets you going and you can download the Top10, new this week or add any you find on the internet. Organise and build your own collection. Features Auto refresh, Zoom, Slideshow and Snapshot. Add any you want to the Phonewebcam Directory to view on your handset.

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    Explorer screenshot
Phonewebcam Publisher
3.6   05-Jan-2009   9.1 Mb
Sends your private webcam securely to your phone. You can log off Windows and it will continue monitoring securely. All images can be encrypted so they are scrambled over the air and the central Network Server ensures only those authorised to view your webcam are permitted. Simple to use, its powerful features include motion detection with zones & alerts, remote control, skins, snapshots, offline image customisation, sound alerts, and text & graphic overlays for that professional touch!

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    Publisher screenshot
Phonewebcam Skinner
1.7   05-Jan-2009   4.9 Mb
This module lets you change skin, download new ones and for the more adventurous, create your own for the Phonewebcam Publisher. For example, you can take an image of your handset and customise it so the window looks just like the real thing! There is a tutorial which shows how to make them using your favourite graphics package. If you make any interesting skins remember to upload them to the Phonewebcam forums, and check them regularly for other users uploads.

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    Skinner screenshot

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