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  The Phonewebcam team formerly worked for a tier one handset manufacturer. Stringent quality control combined with leading edge usability design brings an application so intuitive anyone can use it the first time they see it.

For a start, it adapts itself to your handset so the images shown and all menus sit naturally alongside your other onboard software.

Point and click

   -   Uses your phone number as your login account ID. It's unlikely you will forget (or not be able to retrieve) your mobile number, so the whole system is centered around this. You won't need to carry round any meaningless login codes - one handset, one account.

   -   The Viewer is completely menu driven. Actually, the only time you need to use the handset's keypad to enter anything is for your password, and that's only ever done once on first install. We know how off-putting entering long internet addresses is on a handset! The Phonewebcam menus update themselves according to whatever the user is doing at the time, which all equates to a very easy to use "point and click" system.

   -   The PC Suite is modular. A central control panel lets you launch the modules, manage your account and change themes. You can add/remove modules as you choose and the plug-in system is smart enough to know which need to adjust themselves to connect to newly installed modules.

   -   Your account is managed on the website. This means that it is accessible anywhere. You can add and remove entries from your camera's whitelist whilst your publisher is running, and the system is updated instantly. You could leave it running at home, for example, and add a colleague to your whitelist whilst at work using a PC browser.

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