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  The Phonewebcam pricing system is simple.

All the PC software is free - you only pay when you want to run the Viewer on your handset or to restrict who can view your private camera. When you do so, you can choose to pay annually or just top up whenever you need. If you take a break for a while, we won't remove your account and make you set up all over again when you want to continue (unless you ask us to!). Just go right ahead and top up again and you're back where you left off - there are no long contract tie-ins or other such nonsense.

More ways we keep costs down

    -   The price! The whole service costs just / / for 4 weeks or / / per year (plus your standard data network charges).

-    Runs on most phone models, so you don't need to pay more on a special handset even if you don't have 3G or a camera phone.

-    You see snapshot images on demand. Often all you need is a quick look at a scene rather than a more expensive streaming view.

   -   Image quality can be controlled from the handset. The quality of an image is directly related to the amount of data used to show it, which in turn lowers data transmission charges. You choose the quality with a simple setting on the handset.

   -   Image sizes can also be controlled. For users with large screens on their handsets, it's still perfectly acceptable to show half size images in the centre of the screen. Again, this means less data is sent so running costs are reduced.

-   Images can be set to full colour or greyscale, again reducing the amount of data needed to show the image, and hence minimise network costs. The neat thing about all these quality settings is that they are all independent!

-   To keep user subscription to a minimum, one advertisement is served at the beginning of your viewing session. Don't worry - its only one advert for each run of Phonewebcam, so you could use it for an hour and still only see the one ad.

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