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Watching your world

  Webcams make fascinating and compelling viewing.

We love to see what's going on in our world as and when it happens. But the simple fact is that in leading our busy lives, we're not always at home or conveniently sitting in front of a PC to easily do so.

Phonewebcam allows you to view both private and public webcams directly on your phone, without needing the latest smartphone or 3G technology.

And of course the system isn't just one way - it turns hardware most users already have into a powerful motion-detecting CCTV-style system with handset alerts, video recording and image capturing via email.

Phonewebcam uses

    -   Keep an eye on your house while you're away on holiday or on business
    -   See your child playing at nursery (or the childminder's) while you're at work

  -   Check the builders showed up on time

  -   View traffic cams before setting out on your journey

  -   Check your office premises at weekends

  -   Remotely monitor test equipment

  -   Watch the red buses in Trafalgar Square or search for Nessie!

flower     So whether you want to securely check on your possessions or property, share precious moments of your loved ones with family and friends or just have fun viewing thousands of live webcams across the world, Phonewebcam is for you!

Phonewebcam is a suite of mix and match modules for a winning combination which means you can now keep an eye on your world wherever you are.

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