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  Phonewebcam has had rock-solid security built in from the start.

Ordinary browser based systems usually transmit their images in the clear. With those, anyone can snoop on its insecure transmissions. Even if the server is protected using a password scheme, the actual image data is sent in the clear, so its vulnerable to "man-in-the-middle" attacks. This is not possible with Phonewebcam's security as all transmissions are scrambled from the camera to the viewer.

The security system used is a proprietary PKI shared key 128bit cypher developed by OTAMate Technology Ltd. It was created to run efficiently on java phones to keep processing overhead to the absolute minimum.

Pro-active monitoring

All actions related to a Phonewebcam user's account are logged. The central Phonewebcam network constantly monitors traffic and can instantly disable accounts, phones or cameras when it detects suspicious activity.

Phonewebcam security is "on by default". When you first run the Viewer, you will find the encryption setting is on, and similarly when you install a Publisher. If you change your password on the website, your handset doesn't just give "bad password" messages, it's locked down completely so the only menu option available is the one which lets you enter the correct one. All this means you are protected right out of the box without having to change anything.

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