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Phonewebcam Explorer

This is the PC Windows application that allows you to organise all your favourite public webcams. Free to download, there's a simple and straightforward install wizard and a default set of webcams in the tree to get you started. Registration is free and optional, but some network features require it.

Using a familiar folder structure, you're able to preview and store hundreds of public webcams that you can freely find on the internet. Or just download the latest Top10 and recently added cams from our Directory.

  Explorer screenshot
If you find new webcams, you too can add them to the Directory to be relayed direct to the Viewer on your phone on demand. After all, not everyone necessarily wants to have their own webcam, but you can still enjoy accessing the phenomenal diversity of public webcams that exist around the world. So whether it's traffic jam cams, wildlife, cities, weddings or ghosts, there's definitely something to suit all tastes.

Building   The Phonewebcam Explorer has a slideshow feature that steps through your webcam tree - change the time interval between images. You can also pick a favourite webcam and watch it autorefresh in either zoom, normal or fullscreen modes.

If you see something interesting that you want to keep, just click the Snapshot to save it. There's also a links panel for easy selection of your most accessed webcams.

You can export or import all or just selected folders as simple XML files, so you can share your lists with others in the Forum or by email, make backups and have predefined groups to call up when required, for example to run a specific slideshow of webcams.

As with all our PC modules, you can change the skin of the Phonewebcam Explorer, so you can pick a theme to suit your mood!

You can personalise settings such as your Explorer home page and there's an option to view a live feed from our Phonewebcam forum, so you can spot interesting webcams being recommended and generally keep up-to-date on who's saying what!

Viewing webcams is fascinating, informative and fun! To get your free Explorer, go to the Downloads page.

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