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Phonewebcam Publisher

This is a native PC application that allows you to transmit your private webcam images to a mobile handset. Which phones can access the webcam is controlled by a whitelist that you maintain on this website. You can nominate just your own phone, the selected phone numbers of your family, friends or colleagues, or opt for your camera to be in the Phonewebcam Directory for all Phonewebcam members to access.

The Publisher is downloaded from the website separately or together with the Phonewebcam Explorer, and has a simple installation wizard enabling even the most novice user to quickly and easily set up his webcam and begin publishing. A simple process identifies the Publisher to the central server across the internet, tracking the dynamic IP address issued by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). It requires Windows and any standard webcam attached to a USB port.

The Publisher also works with wireless webcams and IP cameras. With the increasing popularity of wireless technology (often referred to as WiFi), it means you don't have to have your webcam in the same room as your PC. IP cameras are commonly used by children's nurseries, businesses, internet cafes and security applications. The Publisher is designed to complement existing systems, thus enhancing a camera system that you may have already implemented.

Monitor equipment   There are settings to customise the Publisher for sound alerts, image quality, text overlay, convert to greyscale, brightness, rotation etc, plus access to the webcam's own settings panel for more device specific controls.

The Publisher features changeable skins which can be also be downloaded from the internet as new ones are created. To get the Publisher, go to the Downloads page.

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