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The PC Suite consists of a background service and as many plug-in modules as you choose. You don't need to download the Service separately because it's automatically installed with the other modules and will start working as soon as you register any of the other Phonewebcam PC applications.

The various modules are managed from the Service panel, such as the Publisher if you want to transmit your own webcam securely or the Explorer if you want to view and organise public webcams. It continues running when you are logged off so you can still access webcam images on your phone when you're away from your PC.

  Service engine
Service tray   When you log into your PC, you will see an information 'bubble' pop up to confirm that the Service is operating correctly.

The Service panel is available by left-clicking your mouse on the Phonewebcam icon in the system tray. Opening the Service options provides additional features to manage how the PC modules perform collectively. For example, you can apply a theme for the whole PC suite, check your network status and set Startup preferences.

The Service options screen also enables you to view your account details, synchronise with changes you've made on the website and change password.

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