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Phonewebcam Skinner

The Phonewebcam Publisher features changeable skins which can be also be downloaded from the internet as new ones are created. A mini browser enables you to move through the skin thumbnail images to select the one you wish to use.

A skin transforms the outward appearance of the Publisher while the functionality remains unchanged. It can take on a variety of shapes and sizes and is only limited by the creator's imagination!

The Phonewebcam Skinner goes a step further. More advanced users can create their own skins and apply them to the Publisher. Each skin is made up of six graphical layers, each one representing a particular state. Using a graphics package such as Fireworks or Photoshop, you create these layers to build a complete skin. Then simply select the Create button on the Skinner and specify the location of each and assign a name for it.

When you select the skin, this will then be used by the Phonewebcam Publisher instead of the default supplied.

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