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Phonewebcam Viewer

This is the mobile phone application used to view both private and public webcams. It's a small MIDP1.0 java midlet downloaded to your handset over the air. All data transmissions are encrypted and the images are compressed making it an extremely secure and cost effective way of viewing live webcams on a mobile phone.

The Viewer uses the whole of your handset's screen to view the webcam image. If you've ever tried viewing an internet webcam page using your phone's browser, then you'll realise just how important this is! Plus, there are zoom and pan features to target specific areas of the image. Simply refresh the image on demand. Image conversion is done on the server and not on the handset.

Simple menu options allow you to view public webcams such as the Eiffel tower, your own private webcam and the private cams to which you have been granted access (i.e. where you have been nominated on their whitelist). A useful Search facility enables you to view any webcam stored in the Phonewebcam Directory.

Station      You can check your account balance, refresh webcam lists, save your frequently accessed favourites as local bookmarks and change settings to manage image quality, size and sound alerts.

To run the Viewer, you need a handset capable of running Java. The midlet is small in size and being native Java, is immediately available without requiring a complicated additional runtime environment to be installed first.

And because your mobile phone number is your Account ID and password protected, it ensures uniqueness and prevents fraudulent copies that would compromise image security. Should your phone get lost or stolen, log in and change your password on this website and the Viewer is immediately immobilised.


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