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Setting up your handset

  Phonewebcam needs to connect to the internet in order to download the Viewer and view webcam images. Therefore, you must have a signal on your phone and sufficient credit on your mobile phone account in order to download and use Phonewebcam.


Wap push setting

The first time you add credit to your Phonewebcam account, you will receive a service message (also known as a 'wap push') on your phone that opens a link to download the Viewer. In order for this to happen, your phone must allow wap push messages to be received. Please consult your phone manual, handset manufacturer or network operator for instructions on how to configure your phone to accept wap push messages.

Some older phone models are not capable of receiving wap push messages (and therefore not capable of running Phonewebcam). If you aren't sure whether this applies to your phone, use the free Phonewebcam compatibility test.


GPRS Internet settings

Sometimes new users can encounter problems getting their handsets internet enabled. Each handset is different, but fortunately most new handsets come with the settings already configured and if not, all operators have customer support lines and most have created websites to help. Generally, you can visit these sites, enter your mobile number and they will send the settings over-the-air to it for free.

        O2      Orange      T-Mobile      Virgin Mobile      Vodafone

We've compiled a list of UK settings if you need to set up your phone manually, but welcome your feedback in our Troubleshooting forum if you think any are incorrect.

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