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Setting up your PC

  When you run any of the PC applications, the Phonewebcam Network checks with your PC to make sure it can fully communicate with it ready to direct authorised requests to view webcam images from a phone. If it can't, then the Service displays the reason and this means that Phonewebcam is not online and so cannot transmit any webcam images.

It could be that a router/firewall misconfiguration has been detected or that your local password doesn't match that held by the Phonewebcam Network.


Firewall settings

If you have an active firewall between your PC and the internet, then you'll need to either:

  •    Allow incoming traffic through port 9866 (or the port number you specified during Registration), or:

  •    Add the following Phonewebcam files to your Firewall Exceptions list:

   PhonewebcamPublisher.exe (if Publisher installed)

   e.g. On Windows XP, select Start > Settings > Control Panel > Windows Firewall and add the above files as applicable.

Router settings

If your PC connects to the internet through a router, your router needs to be told the address of the PC running Phonewebcam and the port it uses. You will need to set up port forwarding on port 9866 to a local static IP address on this computer. Unless you changed it during Registration, the default port for Phonewebcam is 9866.

Here's a link to an excellent site that gives advice on setting up your router or firewall:

      Port forwarding step-by-step:  http://www.portforward.com/routers.htm


Changing port

To specify a different port to be used, log into the Phonewebcam website and update the Port on your 'My account' page. Then click on the Account tab in the Service Options panel and select 'Refresh from website' to save the change locally.

For a port change to take effect, you should close all Phonewebcam applications and then right-click on the system tray icon and exit the Service. Opening any module will automatically restart the Service using the new port.


Changing your password

For obvious security reasons, your password on your PC must match that held centrally by the Phonewebcam Network. When you first register, they will. However, if you update your password on your 'My account' page on the website, then you'll need to update your local one too, or vice versa.

Open the 'Service Options' dialog on your PC by clicking on the little phone icon in the System Tray (bottom right of your screen), and you'll see there's an option on the Account tab to change your password locally. If you enter the same password as the one that you use to log into the website, then that will resolve any mismatch between the two.

You may need to stop and restart the Service afterwards for it to take effect. Right-click the Service icon and select 'Exit'. Re-opening the application will automatically restart the Service.

Don't forget that your handset must also use the same password to successfully access your PC - the Viewer has a Password option under Settings if you need to do so.

Setting up your Handset   Setup handset

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