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Surveillance Society

Even George Orwell would be shocked at the number of cameras watching ordinary UK citizens going about their ordinary lives today.

Every town centre now has dozens. In fact the UK now has more CCTV cameras in total than China, and more per person that anywhere in the world.

Citizen campagin groups are pointing out this collossal amount of public money spent on them - over £500m as at 2016 - has not affected the level of crime reported.

A Liberty spokesman said

CCTV cameras have been rolled out with little if any consultation – across the country in schools, hospitals, workplaces, changing rooms and town centres – all without any parliamentary oversight. We think it is clear that the UK has far too many cameras. Limits should be set on the number of cameras that a public body is able to operate.

Londoners are now caught on CCTV over 300 times a day on average. This isn't just the public network - the number of private ones, from shops, businesses and homes, is estimaed at over 10 million.

It estimated you will discover between 291,000 and 373,000 cameras in public sector schools, plus a further 30,000 to 50,000 in independent schools. The Government's planned Children's Database, for instance, which will contain the names and addresses of young children regarded as vulnerable or 'at risk', could open the door for paedophiles to target them. The academy stated our identities, eating habits, wellness and vulnerability could all be compromised and abused. This could incorporate information being sold or leaked of whether or not a lady has had an abortion or perhaps a person's HIV status. Supermarkets, which keep records of a shopper's purchases every single week working with face recognition technologies would enable the authorities to pinpoint a person's precise place. Loyalty cards, could pass information regarding unhealthy eaters for the NHS or life insurance businesses.

CCTV Growth

A boom of installations inside the late 1990s and at the starting of the new millennium saw the amount of CCTV cameras in the UK grow swiftly. Making use of its historical unit shipment information collected from suppliers of video surveillance equipment, modeling replacement prices and new installations, IHS estimates that the UK had four million CCTV cameras installed in 2012. This equates to one particular camera for each and every 16 people today. In spite of enduring a challenging time inside the existing economic climate, IHS forecasts that the UK market for video surveillance gear will develop in between 2013 and 2017. Some of this development will likely be for new installations, but much of it is going to come from new systems replacing of current ones which might be aging.