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Do they know something we don't?

Should you put a tape or sticker over the lens of your laptop's webcam?

Yes, even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and FBI Director James Comey do that.

Covering your laptop's webcam could be a cheap but effective way to guard against hackers and intruders who may choose to watch your private life and atmosphere through your devices. In reality, Comey lately came out defending his own use of tape to cover his personal laptop's webcam.

For the past half decade, the technology market has been racing to make far better cameras in to the hardware we use on a daily basis.

But the surveillance age has inspired an odd cottage market battling against this trend: a glut of low-cost stickers and branded plastic slides developed to cover up the front-facing cameras on phones, laptops and even televisions. 

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Google Duo

Video calling for iOS and Android

Can Google spring back from its social failures using a bare-bones video-calling app that unites iOS and Android customers? Now it is launching Duo, which lets you video get in touch with men and women one-on-one by way of their phone number.

The problem is they’ll need to download the app but won't get any bells and whistles or the capability to connect with Google Chat, Hangouts, Spaces, the upcoming Allo messaging solution, or Google’s Android SMS app. Google’s adding 1 more silo to its mess of communication apps.

Duo was announced at Google I/O in May well and rolls out globally today on Android and iOS 9 in 78 languages. It is going to be a really hard sell thinking of how late to market Duo is when compared with robust, sensibly intertwined solutions like Facebook Messenger and Apple’s iMessage/FaceTime.