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Do they know something we don't?

Should you put a tape or sticker over the lens of your laptop's webcam?

Yes, even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and FBI Director James Comey do that.

Covering your laptop's webcam could be a cheap but effective way to guard against hackers and intruders who may choose to watch your private life and atmosphere through your devices. In reality, Comey lately came out defending his own use of tape to cover his personal laptop's webcam.

For the past half decade, the technology market has been racing to make far better cameras in to the hardware we use on a daily basis.

But the surveillance age has inspired an odd cottage market battling against this trend: a glut of low-cost stickers and branded plastic slides developed to cover up the front-facing cameras on phones, laptops and even televisions. 


During a conference in the Center for Strategic and International Studies, when Comey was asked that he nonetheless place tape more than his cameras at dwelling, he replied:
"Heck yeah, heck yeah. And also, I get mocked for any large amount of items, and I am a great deal mocked for that, but I hope men and women lock their cars… lock your doors at evening. I have an alarm technique. Should you have an alarm system you need to use it, I use mine."

For years, security researchers have shown that hackers can hijack the cameras to spy on whomever is around the other finish. To place that in viewpoint, consider all of the factors your devices have noticed you do.

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If hackers get a hold of the webcam, they're able to effortlessly turn your life into a reality show with out your consent. Back in 2014, an individual place up a site that showed reside feeds from people's CCTVs, infant monitors and webcams, when a hacker live streamed footage from people's computer systems on YouTube final year. In some situations, hackers make use of the victims' webcams to take sensitive images, like what happened to Miss Teen USA 2013 Cassidy Wolf.

In January 2012 a hacker named "someLuser" posted information about a flaw in Californian corporation Trendnet's household safety cameras which made at-home video feeds viewable around the online.

The disclosure went viral, top to a huge selection of urls linking for the live feeds of people's home cameras being posted on the net.